A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality 2nd Season

Original Force, Wan Wei Mao Donghua
? episodes · ONA Completed A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality, Fanren Xiuxian Chuan: Fanren Feng Qi Tian Nan, Fan Ren Xiu Xian Chua, 凡人修仙传 凡人风起天南, n: Fan Ren Feng Qi Tian Nan, Martial Cultivation Biography Season 2

A poor and ordinary boy from a village joins a minor sect in Jiang Hu and becomes an Unofficial Disciple by chance. How will Han Li, a commoner by birth, establish a foothold for himself in in his sect? With his mediocre aptitude, he must successfully traverse the treacherous path of cultivation and avoid the notice of those who may do him harm. This is a story of an ordinary mortal who, against all odds, clashes with devilish demons and ancient celestials in order to find his own path towards immortality.

A Will Eternal Season 2

52 episodes · ONA Ongoing A Will Eternal Season 2, Yi Nian Yongheng: Chuancheng Pian, 一念永恒 传承篇, Yi Nian Yongheng

A Will Eternal tells the tale of Bai Xiaochun, an endearing but exasperating young man who is driven primarily by his fear of death and desire to live forever, but who deeply values friendship and family.

Immortality Season 2

? episodes · ONA Ongoing Immortality Season 2 , Yong Sheng Season 2 , 永生 第二季 , Yong Sheng: Shi Nian Zhi Yue

Immortality Season 2

Jade Dynasty Season 2 (Zhu Xian 2)

Cloud Art
? episodes · ONA Ongoing Jade Dynasty Season 2 , Zhu Xian 2 , 诛仙 第二季

Knights on Debris [Xing Hai Qishi] season 2

? episodes · ONA Completed Knights on Debris [Xing Hai Qishi] season 2 , Knights on Debris season 2 , Xing Hai Qishi: Xinghuo Chongran , Xing Hai Qishi: Wanjie Pian , 星骸骑士完结篇 , Knights on Debris: Spark Reignited , 星骸骑士之星火重燃

Martial Universe Season 2

Motion Magic
12 episodes · ONA Completed Martial Universe Season 2 , 武动乾坤 第二季 , Martial Movement Upheaval 2 , Earth-Shattering Martial Arts 2 , Wu Dong Qiankun 2

The second season of Martial Universe Season 2.

No Doubt in Us Season 2 (Liang Bu Yi Season 2)

? episodes · ONA Ongoing No Doubt in Us Season 2 (Liang Bu Yi Season 2), No Doubt in Us Season 2, Liang Bu Yi Season 2, 两不疑 下半部, 两不疑 第二季

Soul Land[Douluo Dalu] Season 2

Sparkly Key Animation Studio
250 episodes · ONA Ongoing Soul Land, 斗罗大陆 重返昊天

Tang San is one of Tang Sect martial art clan’s most prestigious disciples and peerless in the use of hidden weapons. With high expectations, the sect’s elders believe his future will be bright; yet Tang chooses to forsake this life at the cost of obtaining the sect’s forbidden lore—an action punishable by death. Tang, now content with his ascension of knowledge, sees no reason to keep on living and jumps from Hell’s Peak, but little did he know that that would not be the end of his existence.
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In Douluo Continent, the strong prevail and the weak perish. Each person possesses an innate spirit, some of which can be cultivated and strengthened, bestowing its user with various benefits. Those who were born with such spirits can become Spirit Masters, a profession regarded as one of the continent’s most noble.

Tang, reincarnated into this strange world, knows only the life of a blacksmith’s son. At the age of six, he takes part in the Spirit Master ceremony, and discovers his spirit is Blue Silver Grass—supposedly the world’s most useless spirit. In contrast, however, he possesses strong spirit power. Now, aided by the memories of his previous life as well, Tang’s future as a Spirit Master is in no way bleak.

Star Martial God Technique Season 2

Ruo Hong Culture
42 episodes · ONA Completed Star Martial God Technique Season 2, Star Martial God Technique, 星武神诀, Xing Wu Shen Jue, Xing Wu Shen Jue 2, 星武神诀 第二季, Astral Sutra

Swallowed Star Season 2

52 episodes · ONA Ongoing 吞噬星空 第二季 , Swallowed Star Season 2, zhuanzhi lingyun season 2

Swallowed Star Season 2

The Daily Life of the Immortal King 2nd Season

Haoliners Animation League
12 episodes · ONA Completed The Daily Life of the Immortal King 2nd Season, 仙王的日常生活 第二季, Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo 2nd Season, the daily life of the immortal king season 2

As a cultivation genius who has achieved a new realm every two years since he was a year old, Wang Ling is a near-invincible existence with prowess far beyond his control. But now that he’s sixteen, he faces his greatest battle yet – Senior High School.

The Peak of True Martial Arts Season 2

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Peak of True Martial Arts Season 2 , Zhenwu Dianfeng 2 , The Peak of True Martial Arts 2 , 真武巅峰 第二季

The second season of The Peak of True Martial Arts Season 2.

The Sovereign of All Realms Season 2

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Sovereign of All Realms season 2 , 《万界独尊》第二季 第, wan jie du zun, wan jie du zun season 2, ten thousand worlds season 2

The Success Of Empyrean Xuan Emperor Season 2

? episodes · ONA Ongoing The Success Of Empyrean Xuan Emperor Season 2, 九天玄帝诀 第二季, Jiu Tian Xuan Di Jue 2, 九天玄帝诀 第二季2,

Time Prisoner Season 2

Azure Sea Studios, Youku
? episodes · TV Ongoing 时间囚徒之迷雾, 时间囚徒第二季, Time Prisoner 2,Shijian Qiutu: Miwu

Yuan Long [First Dragon] Season 2

16 episodes · ONA Completed Yuan Long, First Dragon, Carp Reborn, 元龙

Special Forces Wang Sheng traveled to the soul world and was possessed by the waste carp Yuan soul, becoming a veritable waste person in the soul world. Wang Sheng used the knowledge he had learned in the world of master spirits like Yun Yuan to pass the battle, and even found a way to evolve the waste carp Yuan soul! The sparrow becomes a phoenix, and the carp leaps to the dragon gate. Wang Sheng has embarked on a road of Jackie Chan from the sinister soul dispute!